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Four decades since THE FACE first published in 1980, we – editors, designers, makers and more – decided: what better time to re-launch?

Of course, there was a lot to live up to. This was the original publication-as-provocateur, the naughty kid always looking forward, never back. And, after rebooting in spring 2019, we had to be progressive and proactive in a wholly fresh way.

The world looks different from how it did 40 years ago, obviously. We’re in the age of image, immediacy, social media. But that’s exactly why there was no better time to bring back the rigour of THE FACE – a magazine, a platform, a brand for a new, switched-on generation to revel in, celebrate with, get annoyed at, gawp at and, at its very best, resonate with, wherever and however you live. From revelational photoshoots to deep-dive interviews, incisive cultural commentary to groundbreaking fashion stories – we’ve got you covered.

Relaunched as and a quarterly print magazine two-and-half years ago, we’re proud to bring you the original, the subversive and the definitive in style, music, film, TV and beyond, staying true to founder and original editor Nick Logan’s pioneering spirit.

THE FACE, then, is back. Still original, still definitive. Endless discovery for a new generation.